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Fighting for Justice in the Courtroom

When seeking justice for your case, the Law Office of Vonya Quarles is your best solution. A new firm, advancing justice with fresh approaches to proven practices, and a willingness to fully prepare each case.

Before the Law Office of Vonya Quarles takes any case, fees, time estimates, and possible outcomes are discussed during consultation. Flat fees or hourly rates are available.

We will exhaust all available legal avenues on your behalf.

Criminal Cases

Fair Legal Representation for Criminal Cases

For us to prepare to handle your criminal cases properly, we charge a flat fee for representation. Our firm accepts cases associated with misdemeanors and felonies. We will never judge you as a client, no matter what the circumstances of your situation may be. Our criminal defense lawyers are here to ensure you get a fair trial as expeditiously as possible.

Compassionate Civil and Family Law Representation

For civil suits or family law disputes, our compensation depends on the outcome of your litigation. Initially, you do not pay us anything upfront, as our fees will come from the possible monetary settlement. If our family law attorneys can't win your case, you do not owe us any money for time spent on your lawsuit. Fees are negotiable for your civil and family law cases. However, for a civil dispute, the fees are based on a contingency.